(The following is in the candidate’s own words)

Kevin Bordian

Kevin developed a strong interest in politics at a young age.  In his home town of Bradford, Kevin would attend town council meetings to listen to local councillors debate the issues of the day.  As his political views began to mature, it was clear to him that the NDP best represented his own values and ideas.

Several years ago, Kevin moved to Maple to be closer to his place of work.  As a young professional working in Vaughan, Kevin is the Co-Chair of the Health and Safety Committee at his workplace.  He has also served as the Safety Representative at local construction sites.

Kevin has become very active within the NDP and with local charities.  He is a member of the ONDP’s Environment Committee, attends Provincial Council meetings and is on the Vaughan NDP executive.  He is also a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  Kevin is a young, caring person that wants to help those that are less fortunate in life.

Never to turn down the opportunity to debate political issues, Kevin is eager to represent the riding of Vaughan in Ottawa.  His skills, political views and strong moral values would make him an asset to Jack Layton and the NDP in Ottawa.

Kevin is 26 years old and is currently living in Woodbridge.

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Bordian-for-Vaughan/163179540366661


7 Responses to “NDP”

  1. a voter November 18, 2010 at 7:10 PM #

    I just received the flyer asking me to vote for Kevin Bordian. It has Jack Layton’s picture on the front and only a small part of the flyer actually has anything to do with Mr. Bordian.

    The Flyer claims

    “Send Harper a message on the HST.”

    Are they kidding us? Since when did the Fed’s make decisions for the Provinces? If that’s the case why aren’t all provinces paying HST? It’s a pure Dalton McGuinty Tax and has nothing to do with the feds.

    Is this the best the NDP can come up with? Please.

    Send Layton a message. NDP needs a new leader.

    Sorry to say Kevin that you will be lucky to come in third on this one and if this is all you can bring to the table, I’d suggest you apply over at WSIB so you can continue the workplace safety direction.

    • Leo Bisson November 30, 2010 at 12:18 PM #

      This is true, I have seen the NDP leader on television making the same question. I was trying to figure out the
      connection with Mr. Harper. Dont let anybody fool you it is all Dalton’s McGuinty doing. With provincials elections next year we need to remeber this.

  2. lemmywinks November 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM #

    I think the fact that he endorsed the Green last night has ended much his political aspirations at least with the dippers. Still have you had the guts to run for office. Its pretty freaking scarey and in a lot of cases, no one whats to be the sure fire loser every election. PR would ensure the cream floated to the top of the system.


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