Deborah Schulte

Deborah Shulte

Deborah Shulte

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Resident of Woodbridge with my husband and two sons since 1999, and a past resident of
Thornhill. 22 years in aerospace engineering and management at Bombardier Aerospace.
Chaired school councils, ratepayer and environmental community groups.
Regular contributor to committees and meetings of the City and the Region.
Recognition for Community Service and Results:
Provincial appointee to the Greenbelt Task Force and the Oak Ridges Moraine
Foundation Board. Ontario and Vaughan Volunteer Service Awards.

Top 5 Action Points if you become Regional Councillor of Vaughan:

Lowering taxes through fiscal responsibility and good tax value.
-Streamline government services to minimize costs.
-Maximize tax value through coordinated planning (Region/Province/Municipal).
-Improve the tendering process and increase accountability (monitoring and reporting).

Developing a sustainable city through better management of growth/waste management/energy conservation
-Ensure an Official Plan that supports sustainability
-Limit urban sprawl to preserve valuable green space, farmland and the economic viability of the City.
-Improved environmental stewardship
-Greenspace enhancement & protection/trails for fitness and health

Reducing traffic congestion through providing viable transportation alternatives.
-Build better partnerships with the Region and the Province to deliver much needed infrastructure.
-Continue to promote and encourage more local employment opportunities.
-Increase safety initiatives (e.g. enforcement/communication).

Improving social and health services.
-Build better partnerships with the Province, health service organizations and community support organizations.
-Continue to support the creation of a Vaughan hospital.

Improving integrity and transparency in government and community engagement
-Limit closed door sessions.
-Hold more evening meetings to improve public engagement
-Hold regular “town hall” meetings on major issues in Vaughan



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