Gino Rosati

Gino Rosati

Gino Rosati

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Gino Rosati has lived in Vaughan for more than 35 years during which he has served at the heart of the community as a Bank Manager as well as participating in many local groups and charitable organizations. Gino’s elected appointments include six years as school board trustee, many years as Ward 2 (Woodbridge) Local Councillor and is currently Local and Regional Councillor.

Gino has served on many committees in this term of Council, including:

  • Library Board, Chair
  • Audit and Operational Review, Chair
  • Strategic Planning Committee, Vice Chair
  • Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre Advisory Committee
  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  • Transportation and Works Committee
  • York-Toronto Subway Extension Committee
  • Environmental Services Committee

Economic and Development Committee

Action Plans:

Fiscal Management

Engage in long range financial planning coupled with careful review of our city needs and by applying a smart economic development activity, providing revenue stability and creating employment opportunities for our residents.


Gino Rosati initiated the process to pursue a hospital for Vaughan many years ago and is fully committed to seeing it’s completion.


I will continue to provide a balanced approach with careful examination of service delivery and associated costs to ensure the best quality of service at the lowest possible cost by careful application of fiscal policy and operational efficiency as outlined above.


Transportation people and goods have no municipal boundaries.  I will continue to work with Metrolinx, the Region and the City to deliver the projects currently underway or being studied:

1.    Start construction of the Spadina subway extension to Vaughan this year with completion targeted within the next term.

2.    Continue to work on the Yonge Street Subway extension to Vaughan/Richmond Hill

3.    Review the final environmental assessment for the extension of Hwy. #427 and begin construction

4.    As part of the 10 year Regional Plan see improvements of Keele St, Rutherford Rd., Major Mackenzie, Hwy. #27, Hwy. #50

5.    Complete the Weston Corridor Environmental Assessment Study

6.    Develop Hwy. #7 to accommodate Rapid Transit.  Complete the City Transportation Study next year which addresses local traffic issues, safety concerns, bicycle and pedestrian safety


The official plan is nearly completed in which the Province mandates a 45% increase in intensification within our existing urban area.

While we are legislatively obligated, it is my position that such be done gradually and in harmony with the establishment of a convenient rapid transit service particularly on Hwy. #7.

My primary responsibility is to the well being of residents who may be impacted negatively and I will do all I can to mitigate the impact of residential development intensification.


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