Joanna Cacciola-Lionti

Joanna Cacciola-Lionti

Joanna Cacciola-Lionti

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Brief Biography

— Resident of Vaughan for over 27 years.

— Real Estate Professional for 21 years.

—Owner of FinchTown Realty Inc., City of Vaughan.

— Married and have two wonderful children.

—Graduated from schools in Vaughan: St. Margaret Mary C.S. and Father Bressani C.H.S..

— University of Toronto Graduate: Languages and Political Science.

—1997-2000:  elected as Trustee with the York Region District School Board representing City of Vaughan.

—   2000-2003:  elected as Trustee with the York Region District School Board representing City of Vaughan.

— 2003 & 2006: Local & Regional Councillor Candidate

—Member of many committees and assisted and volunteered with many community events.

5 Action points

Accountability and Trust

—    Need to bring back integrity and transparency.

—    Have an open and honest Government which encourages community involvement. Inclusive conversation is a tool for making decisions that will build our community.

—    Review all policies that deal with public funds and conflict of interests.

—    Make sure policies are clear and consistent and ensure there are tighter controls on spending.

—    Ensure fair property taxes while delivering quality cost-effective services.

—   No preferential treatment and decisions to be made in the community’s best interest.

Growth and Traffic Congestion

—    Establish a smart and responsible growth plan with proper planning, re-zoning and intensification.

—    Explore all options while protecting our natural environment and promoting a strong economy.

—    Improve infrastructure in a timely manner.

—    Improve traffic congestion caused by poor planning.

—    Shorter timelines and firmer commitments for Hwy #427 and subway extensions, and encourage investment in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

—    Improve Public Transit Service and encourage residents to use it.

The Health and Safety of Our City

—    A new hospital is overdue and the process must be expedited. Work with the province in getting a shovel in the ground sooner than later.

—    Community and police working together looking for ways to improve the safety of our neighbourhoods and roads.

—    Support and give our police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters the tools they need.

Protecting our Environment

—    Ensure high quality standards for drinking water & clean air.

—  Look at innovative ways of waste reduction and eco-friendly alternative sources of power.


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