Mario Di Nardo

Mario DiNardo

Mario DiNardo

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

My name is Mario Di Nardo. My parents and I have been residents of the City of Vaughan for over 25 years. Today, my wife, daughter and I also make Vaughan our home.

I have an education and business background in Marketing, Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgages. My sales and education experience has given me the opportunity to interact with the public and helped to understand their basic needs. In doing so, I have come to the realization that people require a need to feel secure and safe both emotionally and physically.

The citizens of Vaughan need to feel secure in the decisions that their council is making. They need to know that their thoughts are being heard.

If elected as your local and regional councillor for the City of Vaughan I will do my utmost to make sure the voices of the citizens are heard.

I will do this by ensuring that no citizen complaint is ignored. I will make myself accessible to the community by setting aside time to personally deal with any issues brought to my attention. I also commit to holding open forum monthly meetings to interact with the public. I want the residents of Vaughan to see me as the first place to go with their concerns.

I believe it is imperative to value the good in the community, whether it is the good citizens of our community or the city staff that tirelessly works to provide them services.

I believe that the City of Vaughan is missing those values and I know that I can make the change.

If you can’t properly assess the needs of the individual or the group, you can’t represent them!

I am running in this election with only one objective and that is to be the voice of the people. I have no ties to any political parties, my objective is to work for the community and make Vaughan a great place to live.

5 action plans:

Fair play for all – There will be consistency in how rules are applied.

All residents deserve to be treated respectfully and with equality. Rules should be applied without bias or prejudice. No one is above the law!

Integrity Commissioner – Expand the powers of the integrity commissioner beyond the councillors.

The Integrity Commissioner should have more power, not only over councillors, but over city staff and the Committee of Adjustment. In doing so, it would enable the commissioner to conduct a proper investigation into the conduct of the individuals at the city level and ensure proper investigations are done with regard to complaints.

Transparency within the local government – Public access to committee meetings.

In keeping with in the spirit of openness and integrity I will support televised, video streaming and detailed minutes of all committee meetings, made available to the general public.

Transportation and traffic – I will support any and all measures to alleviate traffic congestion. I pledge continued support for the subway, road expansion, and the building of over passes where possible.

Health Care – I will continue to give my support for a much overdue and needed hospital as our city’s continued and rapid growth requires one.

I will ensure our hospital is built as quickly as possible and all funds, whether from fundraisers or tax dollars, are used wisely and within the best interest of the public.


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