Richard Lorello



[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

  • Happily married and father of 3 wonderful daughters
  • Resident of Vaughan for 8 years
  • Graduate of Information Technology Studies and Ongoing Management Training
  • Eighteen years of professional experience as IT manager in manufacturing sector
  • Fundraiser for a variety of causes including: Vaughan Healthcare, Vaughan Tornado Victims and Vaughan Women’s Shelter
  • Tenacious advocate for good government and fair taxes
  • Determined activist for exposing and eliminating corruption, misuse of taxpayer money and waste, which has necessitated investigations and scrutiny at City Hall
  • Shaker and Mover in area of Policy Change through more than 5 years of private auditing of Vaughan management practices
  • I get things done

Top 5 Priorities, Ideas and
Initiatives for Vaughan

Responsible Fiscal Management Leading to Fair Taxes

  1. Cut and freeze Council and Management Salaries

Economic Development

  1. Develop an Economic Development Strategy recognizing a need to transform and build upon Vaughan’s economic base in areas of; knowledge-based industries, professional services, advanced manufacturing and life sciences


  1. Online, unlimited Freedom of Information Requests and  publishing of Council and Management expenses, including receipts


  1. Appointment of the Auditor General with full investigative powers in all matters relating to public funds and will report and make recommendations to Council looking to greater efficiency and continuous improvement in public spending

A Safe, Sustainable, Healthy, Environmentally Friendly City

Design/Redesign of safe comprehensive roads that accommodate public transit, cars, cyclists and pedestrians



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