David Natale

David Natale

David Natale

David Natale realizes the priority lists of the candidates running for the Vaughan mayor’s office are virtually the same.

It’s his personality that separates him from the rest of the hopefuls, he says.

The business manager and 24-year Vaughan resident is running his campaign solely through his website and word of mouth. He is also incurring all campaign-related costs himself, so the taxpayers aren’t left footing the bill for his expenses.

Natale, who’ll be 44 years old on Election Day, says he decided to run for mayor because he was tired of the “bickering” at council.

So, his first order of business if elected will be to sit down with all the newly elected councillors and outline his plans and goals as mayor.

He says hopefully this would leave everyone on the same page right from the beginning, and prevent divisions and alliances that he says are visible on current city council. Then right off the bat, he will have attained his top priority — creating harmony on council.

When it comes to the major issues, like public transportation, Natale says he’s realistic in knowing they aren’t issues that can be fixed overnight. Rather, they will take a lot of planning and work from all members of council, he says.

Though he has not held an elected position before, Natale feels his lack of experience should actually work in his favour with the voters. He cites some of the current council members as examples of what the citizens of Vaughan get when they elect people who have political experience.

Natale says his message to voters is simple: He represents honesty, leadership and transparency, and voting for him will bring the change that he says is necessary for the city of Vaughan.

— Shawn Star, Vaughan Today
(The above profile appeared in Vaughan Today’s September 2010 edition)

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Top 5 issues:

A unified council focused on the needs and desires of its citizens.

Create a more harmonious balance between development and environment/family life.

Bringing a fully functional and first rate hospital to our city.

Develop methods of easing traffic congestion.

Increased local policing.


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