Paul Donofrio

Paul Donofrio

Paul Donofrio

Paul Donofrio wants to see change in Vaughan.

“I want Vaughan to be a better place not just to work, but also to live,” he said.

Donofrio is in the running to be the city’s mayor. He’s called Vaughan home for the past 10 years.

“I love our community,” he said. “Vaughan is a clean, safe place to live with very unique communities and I want to keep our city a clean, safe place to live.”

As the former manager of the city’s vehicle fleet department, Donofrio says he’s seen firsthand that changes need to be made within the city. He says he’s running for mayor in order to address certain issues.

“I’ve seen the way our money is handled within different departments, the morale amongst staff, and the way in which we provide services to the residents of Vaughan needs change,” he said.

Donofrio’s biggest concern is to have greater control on the way residents’ money is spent throughout the city.

“It should be directed to areas within the city that are going to show results for the city of Vaughan,” he said. “Taxpayers’ funds are not our funds to play with.”

Donofrio’s important goal as mayor would be for the Vaughan Health Campus of Care hospital to be built.

“We need a hospital in the City of Vaughan,” he said. “Our city is growing quickly. We have a very large population that needs a hospital centralized in the area.”

If elected, Donofrio says he’ll contribute 10 percent of his salary throughout his term as mayor to ensure that Vaughan gets what it needs.

“I’m running for the citizens of Vaughan,” he said. “We must do what the residents of Vaughan wants us to do and under my platform, we’ll need to implement what is in the best interests of Vaughan.”

— Jessica Vitullo, Vaughan Today
(The above appeared in Vaughan Today‘s September edition)


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