Savino Quatela

Savino Quatela says he’s ready for judgment day.

“On October 25, the citizens will be the court,” says the 66-year-old Quatela, a candidate for mayor. “The citizens of Vaughan want to see change.”

Tired of what he sees as a broken system at city hall, Quatela says a new council with fresh faces will do a better job.

“Citizens are tired of taxpayer money being wasted,” says Quatela.

If elected, he says he would freeze council members’ salaries for the next four years and work for free himself.

His main priorities, he says, would be the building a new hospital in Vaughan and seeing through the completion of the subway. He’d also like to re-institute twice-a-week garbage collection.

“Garbage, especially in summertime is a (health) risk,” Quatela says.

He also says transparency would be high on his agenda.

“Whatever I preach, that’s what I do. Integrity is the value of any public servant. And whenever they make a mistake, they have to pay for it.”

A father of four and a grandfather of eight, Quatela immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1966.

He announced his candidacy in April, making this his second run for mayor. In the 2006 election, he placed fourth with 637 votes.


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