Aren Bedrosyan

Aren Bedrosyan

Aren Bedrosyan

(The following is in the candidate’s own words)

Aren Bedrosyan is a candidate for the York Region District School Board Trustee position in Wards 1, 2, and 3.

As a graduate of the York Region District School Board he understands what students need to succeed. A former President of the Seneca Student Federation at King Campus, he has a strong grasp of what it takes to develop leadership amongst students, and how to positively impact the future.

With previous work as a public servant with the York Regional Police and the Town of Newmarket, he knows how to be accountable to the people. The community needs a transparent system to ensure the taxpayers money is being spent justly. His goal is to ensure that the York Region District School Board is accessible and responsible to the taxpayer.

5 Prioities if elected:
1) Fiscal management without eliminating necessary services
2) Promoting accountability through transparency and access to information
3) Developing student leaders by increasing opportunities to cultivate leadership
4) Ensuring that people are aware of how the trustees are serving their needs
5) Making it easy for people to participate in discussions about various issues


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