Randall Hamilton

Randall Everett Hamilton

Randall Everett Hamilton

I am a professional Social Worker, working in the field for over 20 years. I have worked with diverse groups of clients including children and adolescents, the mentally ill and those in conflict in with the law. I have a strong connection with the public education system, having an Aunt and Sister-in-law who are both educators as well as the collaborative work I do on a daily basis with different boards of education I became interested in running as a school trustee due to the large number of issues that were being presented to me through my clients. I think we have to do better for our children and I believe that my experience and drive will ensure that happens.

As such, if elected my focus will be on:

1. Easier access to specialized education for students having difficulty.
2. More in class assistance for teachers.
3. Easier and timely access for parents to their trustee or administrator of their children’s school.
4. Less requirement for in school fund-raising to pay for basics such as text books
5. Responsible governance removing some of the perks and pleasantries for administrators and politicos and placing that money back into the classroom.


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