Basil Marcello

Basil Marcello

Basil Marcello

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Hi, my name is Basil Marcello, and I am a candidate for Councillor Ward 1 (Maple-Kleinburg).  For the past 8 years my wife Stephanie and I have been raising our family in Maple.  During this time I have developed a vision for our community which I hope you share and will help to make reality by electing me to represent you on October 25th.

I have spent the better part of my career contributing to the success of a not-for-profit business organization. For the past five years I have worked directly in the field of sustainable transportation. I understand traffic issues and their impact on our community, and I have experience in delivering solutions.

I believe that my education in urban planning and political science, along with my work experience and business ethic, will contribute to making me an ideal candidate with fresh perspective and a desire for change.

Quite often, experience and the number of years in a particular job becomes irrelevant without new ideas. Our current municipal government, more concerned with personal interests and infighting, has lost sight of what remains important to our community.

I want to take the politics out of politics and focus on getting the job done. I want to work with a council that shares in the vision of shaping Vaughan into the best city to ‘Live, Work and Play’.

3 Action Points:

Live:  We need a hospital.  We need expanded transit services. And we deserve these services as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, I want to be sure that development happens with the least possible amount of disruption to our personal and business lives. During this time of growth we need to keep our city moving and reaffirm the fact that our local economy is still OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Work: I will work with new and existing businesses to emphasize the need to hire locally. I will push for job and skills training so that our workforce and community will be better positioned for future growth opportunities.
Hiring locally is also part of the solution to reducing the traffic congestion we currently face.

Play: Our community is home to the most sought after residential and commercial areas in the GTA. Builders and companies that develop these areas need to be part of the team responsible for ensuring SMART growth, the creation of green space, and the building of recreational facilities geared at all ages of the community.

Telephone: 289.304.9958


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