Peter Meffe

Peter Meffe

Peter Meffe

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

5 Action Points:

1. Invest precious tax dollars wisely.

In particular Meffe wants to save tax dollars through greater coordination of how municipal and regional services are planned for and delivered.

2. Expand efforts to conserve the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of Maple, Kleinburg and Nashville.

Whether it’s preserving historic buildings, building new community centres or saying no to further high density development in this ward while insisting on adequate funding from other levels of government to provide the social services our diverse and growing population needs, Meffe says he will be there fighting for our citizens.

3. Safe City Streets that work.

Building on the recommendations that will come from the Pedestrian and Street Safety Task Force that he pushed to have established, Meffe commits to follow through on their recommendations regarding legislative changes, co-ordination between the various governmental levels and/or departments, public transit, road design recommendations and community involvement.

4. Protect Vaughan agricultural lands.

Meffe asserts that simply zoning farmland for agriculture and then hoping that the free market will take care of the rest has proven to be an ineffective strategy for saving rural lands around Maple, Kleinburg and Nashville. “The only way forward,” says Meffe “is to make the remaining farmland profitable and productive in today’s economy by creating an agricultural economic zone across the northern sector of York Region. I am committed to work in partnership with all levels of government and the surrounding municipalities to make this work.”

5. Support a Hospital for Vaughan

Health services are a critical component of any community and it is imperative that we support the efforts to bring a hospital to Vaughan. Meffe says “As a member of the Vaughan Health Care Foundation we continue to raise much needed funds for health services but we must never lose sight of our goal to build a hospital in our city.”


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