Elliott Frankl

Elliott Frankl

Elliott Frankl

[Note: The following is an unedited version of the candidate’s own words]

Elliott Frankl is a businessman, entrepreneur, published author, community
activist and now a candidate for Ward 4, Local Councillor in the City of

A current resident of the Thornhill area in the City of Vaughan, Frankl was
born at the Mount Sinai Hospital in 1971 in downtown Toronto and raised in
Willowodale.  He was formally educated at A. Y. Jackson Secondary School in
North York and later studied at York University.

Frankl is currently President of a sports marketing firm that specializes in
promoting and marketing professional athletes and has worked closely with
many professional sports leagues.  In 2001 Frankl was honoured as he became
a member of the Mensa Society and on November 29, 2005 he was elected to the
board of directors of the International Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum.

As a community activist, he has successfully helped Vaughan residents appeal
their property taxes through the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
in 2004, winning the appeal, reducing property taxes for the residents that
he represented.

Elliott Frankl publishes a Community Newsletter sent out quarterly, for
local residents and is a published author on government and corporate
accountability.  He has been described as a “Responsible author” by the
Thornhill Liberal and Vaughan Citizen newspapers (06-19-08).

Always honest and sincere, he has represented residents and businesses,
serving on many different committees and boards.   The next step is for
Frankl is to represent you on Vaughan Council.

Top Five Priorities

  • Creation of Municipal Ombudsman
  • Local issues, such as establishing a library in Ward 4, and creating more residence associations.
  • Transparency
  • Transportation/ Gridlock
  • Build a Hospital

Website: www.elliottfrankl.com


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