Mary Ruffolo

[The following bio and action plan is in the candidate’s own words]

I have spent over 15 years in public administration, including seven years at Vaughan. I have in-depth knowledge of municipal operations, government processes, Acts and Provincial Legislation.  My experience in municipal government administration also includes Committee and Council work.

I hold certificates in the Municipal Administration Program and Parliamentary Procedures from the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario.  Additionally, as a member of the Ontario Association of Committees of Adjustment and Consent Authorities, I completed a certificate in Planning with particular focus to the official plan and zoning by-laws, and also hold the Accredited Secretary-Treasurer designation.

I have spent the last five years demanding accountability from our local government on behalf of Vaughan residents. Some of the issues I have raised have forced city staff to make key policy changes to Vaughan’s code of conduct. This has covered everything from 407 ETR mileage policies to Council office budgets.


–        Ensure tax dollars are spent on services, parks and programs. Our money shouldn’t be spent on expensive meals, alcohol and iPods.

–        Keep residents better informed. This starts with moving council meetings to the evening.

–        Propose a freeze on council salaries. It’s a recession, so politicians can go without a pay raise.

–        Encourage smart, controlled development. Traffic gridlock is an issue because Vaughan has been poorly designed.

–        Bring accountability and integrity back to the City Hall. I’ve spent years exposing the abuse of our tax money, so I know I can do a better job.



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