Things that make you go “Hmmm”

13 Sep

A short post today cuz it’s a busy one, prepping for Wednesday’s Meet and Greet session as well as working on sister publication the Town Crier, which prints tonight.

But, just a little food for thought (especially for the non-voters in the crowd):

For those of you who think your vote doesn’t matter, chew on this: Last election, Mayor Linda Jackson won by 90 votes over incumbent Michael DiBiase. 90 votes.
Jackson won by getting 28,396 votes in total — 47 percent of the votes. But there were 160,327 eligible voters, many who didn’t cast a vote for mayor.
So while Jackson won 47 percent of the votes cast on Election Day, it was really only 18 percent of Vaughan’s eligible voters who put Jackson in the mayor’s chair.



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