That’s a really great question…

15 Sep

What Ward do I live in???

The City of Vaughan recently has its ward boundaries redrawn, so don’t despair. It’s not surprising if you aren’t quite sure which ward you reside in.

So, here’s a bit of help:

Ward 1 (Maple/Kleinburg): This is the city’s biggest ward. It runs the width of Vaughan at the top end of the city. It’s bound by King-Vaughan Rd. in the north, Bathurst in the east and Highway 50 in the west. The southern boundary is pretty jig-jagged – from west to east it runs along Major Mack, then at Pine Valley Road it swings north to Teston Rd. At Highway 400 it dips back south to Rutherford Road travels along Rutherford to the CN railtracks. Heads north at the tracks, swinging back west at Macnaughton Rd. East towards Keele then levels off at Teston Road.

Clearly, it’s hard to describe. Take a look at the map!



Ward 2 (Woodbridge West): This ward is bounded by Steeles in the south, Pine Valley in the east, Major Mack in the north (with a little dip around Hwy. 27) and Hwy. 50 in the west.

Ward 3 (Woodbridge East): This skinny ward is bounded by Pine Valley in the West, Teston Road in the North, Hwy. 400 along its east side and Steeles in the South.

Ward 4 (Concord/Thornhill North): This ward underwent some changes after the Ward Boundary Review. Hwy 400 in the West, Steeles in the South, this ward then juts upwards and eastwards like a puzzle piece. Again, hard to describe – check out the map above!

Ward 5 (Thornhill South): This tiny but dense ward is bound by Steeles in the South, Yonge in the east, Hwy. 7 across its top and then down Dufferin to connect with the CN railtracks.

Study the map — I’ve heard rumours of even candidates putting up signs in the wrong ward!

Ward 3ers: See you tonight at your Meet and Greet session at Chancellor Community Centre. Other residents – if you just can’t wait to see and chat with your mayoral and regional candidates, come by tonight!



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