I saw the sign. And another one. And another one…

17 Sep

The tell-tale signs (literally) that an Election is fast approaching are poppin’ up on our streets.

Well, lawns. And in parking lots. And on street corners.

And as soon as Election signs can go up (this year, it was after the close of nominations Sept. 10 on local roads and not til this past Monday), we start to hear about them coming down, getting damaged, going missing, etc., etc.

The rules are pretty strict. They must be a certain size, a certain distance from the road. And each municipality has its own rules. And in Vaughan’s case, regional roads have different rules too. Candidates have to figure out the rules and pass on the info to their sign-erecting volunteers.

But why do we keep harping on the signs? It seems every election, we all start worrying about so-and-so’s signs being in front of so-and-so’s, and that sign being damaged, or that sign being moved. People love to talk about their signs.

Yes – I absolutely agree that sign vandalism is unacceptable. It’s stupid and, if any candidate or their volunteers are purposely destroying signs, it’s ridiculous (Really, do candidates actually do this? I kinda picture teenagers with baseballs or big boots being the culprits – I know, that’s a stereotype)

But let’s talk about issues. Let’s talk about what tangible promises candidates are making. Let’s talk about what hasn’t been done, what should be done and what should never been done by our future elected council.

Maybe we should say au revoir to signs at all during Elections. They cause problems, waste time (someone’s gotta go collect all the ones erected illegally), skirt the real issues and I won’t even get into the eco effects of them.

Only problem is, sometimes those signs are the first indicator to the public that an election’s even taking place.



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