Meet and Greet: They came, they saw, they reserved judgment

17 Sep

Accountability was the keyword on the lips of citizens who attended the Vaughan Today meet and greet Wednesday night at Chancellor Community Centre. Although many citizens raised concerns about development, green space and other issues, the transparency and proper functioning of city council seemed to be at the fore of most participants’ minds.

“All you hear in the papers about Vaughan is corruption, corruption, corruption,” said Noel Choudry, who had wandered in off the street. “I’m here to talk to some of the candidates to see what they’re going to do for the City of Vaughan. I’ve been living here for a few years and I haven’t seen much return for our tax dollars.”

Sam Iaantorno agreed.

“I came to see if anybody has any new ideas or not,” said the retired senior. “They raise taxes all the time, but it’s overcrowded development, no trees, and traffic… I’m very disappointed with the city.”

A resident of Woodbridge for the past 36 years, Iaantorno said it’ll take more than just a single new candidate to make a difference.

“One person could not change it,” he said. “It takes everybody together.”

Another participant echoed that feeling.

“There are all these scandals in Vaughan. I’d like to see new faces,” said Mary Grossi, who doesn’t live in Ward 3, but came to meet the candidates for regional council. Hands full of pamphlets, Grossi said said the only way to really get a sense of who they are is to meet them.

“I think (a Meet and Greet) is a good place to meet the person, talk one-on-one and see how they feel about the issues and how they express themselves,” Grossi said. “You have to talk to all of them and read their brochures and see what they’re all about.”

Other Vaughanians were less inclined to spend their evening mingling with would-be-elected officials.

“So far I don’t even know who is running,” said Bozena Dalesio who declined an invite to come inside to meet the candidates. “They should use tax money for good use – not for lawsuits.”

If candidates want her ear, she said, they should come to her.

Although most people who came said the evening was informative and insightful, none of them claimed to have made up their minds.

“I got a feel for it and I have to make up my mind,” Grossi said. “I’ll be making my decision in a  couple of weeks.”

– JF

(Ed. note: you’ve got four more chances to attend a Meet and Greet before the Oct. 25 election. See you there.)


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