Vaughan Chamber gets some flack

22 Sep

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is set to hold a mayoral debate next Wednesday.

Only thing is, they’ve only invited three of the eight mayoral hopefuls.

And, it’s on the same night at the Ward 2 Meet and Greet session set for Al Palladini Community Centre.

What should the Chamber do? Should they invite ALL the candidates? Or, should they choose which ones they think have a shot, a reputation, a business background (which was apparently the criteria).

I’m looking into it for more details.

In T.O., the “top 5” candidates seem to be doing a red carpet like circuit of debates, sometimes even two a day. What about the other nearly 40 candidates?

In Vaughan, there aren’t as many. Eight. (Well, seven, sort of. One candidate has yet to surface at the Meet and Greets.)

Can a healthy debate occur with seven participants? Should the Chamber, as hosts, get to decide who’s worthy of sitting on stage?

I blog more about tomorrow. Any thoughts? Opinions? Burning desires to weigh in on this? Comment below, email me to or tweet to me at



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