Vaughan Firefighters Association to endorse select mayoral and council candidates

24 Sep

Vaughan Professional Fire Fighters will soon endorse candidates

This is a press release from the Vaughan Professional Fire Fighters Association. They are interviewing candidates in order to choose several to volunteer for during their off-duty time.

I chatted with John Wilmot, the association’s secretary, at the Ward 1 Meet and Greet on Sept. 21. He was there chatting with candidates and checking out their platforms on public safety. He said he’ll let us know when the association decides who to endorse for Vaughan Election 2010. You can follow the association on Twitter or visit their website

(Note on Sept. 27: I received an email regarding this post, pointing out that it’s the Fire Fighters Association that’s endorsing candidates. The below is the press release as it was sent to me. And the headline has been changed to reflect that, in case anyone was confused.)

For Immediate Release

September 22, 2010

Vaughan Firefighters Endorse Candidates

You may soon have a Firefighter at your door. Not because of an emergency in your home or with your family, but to help inform you about candidates in the upcoming municipal election.

Members of the Vaughan Professional Fire Fighters Association have met with many of the candidates running in the October 25th municipal election and have chosen a select few that share the Firefighters’ desire for an effective Vaughan Council that understands the importance of public safety.

With so many new candidates in the race, it can be difficult to sort out who to vote for. The President of the Vaughan Professional Fire Fighters Association, Mike Doyle, said “Firefighters are consistently rated as the most trusted public employees. We want to bring our integrity into this election and show the voters there are good candidates out there.”

The word Integrity has been used often throughout this election. Vaughan Firefighters know what it means to act with integrity. They have always provided the citizens of Vaughan with the highest level of service despite not having a current contract for the last four years. The labour issues between the Firefighters and the city have never affected the quality of their work.

Firefighter Doyle went on to say “The most important thing to us is our good name. We will not endorse any candidate who does not share our commitment to the citizens of Vaughan.”

Firefighters will be providing work to the deserving candidates on their off duty time.

When Firefighters make a commitment they keep it.

— by the Vaughan Professional Fire Fighters Association


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