Hey Ward 2 hopefuls: What is “transparency” anyways?

30 Sep

Alexis Dobranowski asked Ward 2 candidates: What is transparency and what will you do to ensure transparency at city hall during your term if elected?

Tony Carella:

It’s openness in public processes so that the ordinary citizen has access to information, or is provided with info that tells them how their government is functioning. I want to see a registry of lobbyists. I don’t think we need anything as big or as costly or as complicated as Toronto, but I think there are models out there. City staff is reporting on it next term.

Dario Di Giannantonio:

Transparency in municipal government means openness, no backroom decisions or deals, open and forthright communication with the electorate, financial accountability that is open to public scrutiny without red tape, election reform that does not just pay lip service to being transparent…I will proactively promote transparency in the municipal level of government.

Nick Pinto:

It’s how government and the public interact, making sure the public is made aware of what the local government intends to do.
I’d like to see a greater participation of the public, something we haven’t seen in years in Vaughan. You can’t expect the public to attend council meetings at 1 p.m. That has to change. And I’d like to see a reduction of in-camera meetings. Some have to be closed, but fewer.

Daniel Salvatore:

Transparency is communication between residents and council members. I’ll ensure there’s transparency by responding to every call and communicating with residents prior to new developments starting. People say they don’t know what’s going on unless there’s a problem. It’s about getting people engaged.


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