Maple/Kleinburg candidates: How will you get us the hospital?

30 Sep

Karolyn Coorsh caught up with the Ward 1 Maple/Kleinburg candidates at the Meet and Greet session Sept. 21. She asked: Getting a hospital in Vaughan has been an ongoing issue. What will you do to ensure the hospital is built in a timely manner?

Teresa Chiappetta:

I’ll have to see where (previous council) left off and see what contacts they made. I’d be on it continuously. It’s all about follow-up.

Marilyn Iafrate:

I’d like to see more interaction with the ministry and the city, not just the (Vaughan Health Care) Foundation. The foundation is at arms length now, and totally removed from the city but ultimately people are going to come to us looking for that hospital …We need to be very aggressive with the province and doing the face-to-face meetings …  Just because we’ve created a board now doesn’t mean we step back and say ‘OK, you guys you deal with it’.

Robert Irwin:

I will try my best to see it come true. I’m supporting it. We need a hospital. (I would) try to point out that it’s a hospital for Vaughan, but it’s a hospital for other areas too. And really, I would try to get support from the other areas to help support the hospital in Vaughan.

Basil Marcello:

For me, the hospital and transit are two of the biggest things: we definitely need them here now. In terms of getting them here more quickly, making sure the Foundation is well-represented and promoted, so that we get the funding a lot quicker to build it a lot quicker.

Peter Meffe:

This process has been the quickest so far to get a master planning process funding from the province of Ontario over the course of the past 6 years. Our job is to advocate, promote, encourage, raise monies as well as work with the central (Local Integrated Health Network), the York Central hospital and the Vaughan Health Campus of Care to encourage the government of Ontario to finally put the stamp on the funding for a hospital.

Elroy Ellis:

Ed. Note: Ellis did not attend the Meet and Greet.


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