Hey Woodbridge East candidates (that’s Ward 3): What about value for tax dollars?

1 Oct

Alexis Dobranowski asked Ward 3 candidates: What will you do to make sure Ward 3 residents get value for their tax dollar during your term if elected?

Rosanna DeFrancesca

Rosanna DeFrancesca

Rosanna DeFrancesca

The first point of my action plan is titled Fiscal Responsibility and under that heading I have included five basic points. However, more importantly I am committed to working diligently at encouraging all members of council to follow my directives on eliminating unnecessary and abusive spending and promoting my Fiscal Responsibility plan.

Steven Del Duca

Steven Del Duca

Steven Del Duca

I will advocate for a comprehensive operational review of all city programs and departments. I will fight for an independent, external “value-for-money” audit that will comb the city’s books to make sure tax dollars are not being spent irresponsibly or wasted. I will advocate for the review’s findings to be posted on the city’s website (and will post the results on my own website) so that residents can see exactly what the results are. My sense is that significant savings can be found if the new council is diligent and acts in a transparent manner.

Rob Mileto

The reasons I’m running for council is because currently ratepayers aren’t receiving the true value for their tax dollar.
Services are lacking as taxes are going up and services are being cut. City hall is top heavy. Restructuring to put more services back into the people of Vaughan is my priority. Then citizens will be getting a better value for their tax dollar.

Bernie DiVona

Ed. Note: Calls and emails to DiVona were not returned by press time.


3 Responses to “Hey Woodbridge East candidates (that’s Ward 3): What about value for tax dollars?”

  1. Michele Menard Ferazzutti October 1, 2010 at 5:43 PM #

    I find it interesting that only one of the 3 quoted candidates actually has a PLAN that, post-election, citizens could look at it and say “Check. Check. Check”.

    The others are more pie-in-the-sky without any real substance.

    • vaughanelection October 1, 2010 at 8:49 PM #

      Thanks for your post. Some candidates may have more specific plans in their complete platform materials. We’ve got links to their personal websites (where available) in their candidate bios under Ward 3.

  2. brad shaw October 1, 2010 at 5:55 PM #

    Value for money audits are a must. Open up city hall and protect taxpayers money

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