Thornhill candidates: How would you promote the arts in Vaughan?

1 Oct

Alexis Dobranowski chatted with Ward 5 hopefuls. She asked: Ward 5 is home to the City Playhouse Theatre, the city’s often forgotten professional theatre. If elected, what will you do to elevate this theatre and the arts scene in Vaughan?

Bernie Green

I would advertise the existence and events of the Playhouse in various news media and encourage the news media to do stories about the Playhouse.  I
would also encourage other arts groups to use this Playhouse, possibly through good financial arrangements.

Gila Martow

I’d like to examine how costs can be decreased for the privately run programs as well as those affiliated with our schools, which would like to make use of the facility. As a parent of four, I’m aware that many shows by and for children take place at distant locales due to the cost of the City Playhouse. I’d like to see the Vaughan taxpayers who paid to build and maintain local facilities able to afford to make use of those facilities.

Stellios Missirlis

It is good to have vibrant culture in our area. Playhouse has done a good job so far, so I would try to best secure funding to support shows at the theatre.

Yehuda Shahaf

I’d create shows and activities supported by the city and also make it a home to a city orchestra.

Alan Shefman

The Playhouse is one of the gems in Vaughan’s cultural scene, and one of the few under (council’s) responsibility. I’d do full review of the Playhouse — Look at it over the last number of years as far as how it’s being used, who’s using it, the financial components of it, and look at how we can improve its use, improve its value to the city, including how we could make that the centre of our stage and living arts programs in Vaughan.

Vernon Hendrickson

Ed. Note: Hendrickson and I played phone tag. Check online: if he responds, we’ll upload it to


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