Let the voting begin!

4 Oct

Advance polls opened in Vaughan this morning, with stations at the old city hall and some community centres as well as the Promenade Mall and Vaughan Mills Mall. It’s a first for Vaughan, having polling stations in those private buildings. (Elliot Silverstein, member of the city’s democratic taskforce, told me via Twitter that mall polls have been done before in the United States and right now also in Winnipeg. It’s “an important way to bring the election to the people,” Silverstein said.)

Intrepid reporter Josh Freeman stopped into the Promenade this morning to check it out. He’ll blog later about what he saw.

In the meantime, if you are ready to vote (or you will be away on Election Day), you can vote in the Advance Polls between today Oct. 10 and on Oct. 18 and 19 (even on the weekend!) (Ed. note – Thanks to @votewatcher for catching our error – there’s no Advance Voting between the 10th and the 18th) You don’t need a reason to vote early. You can if you want to.

Here’s some more info from the city’s VaughanVotes.ca site:

All Advance Voting locations will use a ‘vote anywhere’ approach which will allow any qualified Vaughan elector to vote at ANY one of the locations, regardless of the ward in which they live. Voters who vote during Advance Voting Week will be automatically struck off the voters’ list which will prevent them from voting at another advance vote location, or on Election Day.

All voting places will be physically accessible throughout the election, however, if you have special needs marking a ballot please come to one of the Advance Voting locations which will have accessible voting devices. Please note that accessible devices will not be available on Election Day. For more information please contact Access Vaughan at (905) 832-2281.

The voting location at Vaughan Mills will be beside the Bass Pro Shop and you can reach it by using entrances one or six. For a map of the mall go to www.vaughanmills.com. The voting location at the Promenade Shopping Centre will be on the upper level near entrance two. For a map of the mall go to www.promenade.ca. The voting location at York University is in the Bear Pit, Central Square. For a map of the school go to www.yorku.ca/yorkweb. There will be signs at all voting locations directing voters to the poll.

Voting at York University will employ ‘ballot-on-demand’ technology to print the appropriate blank ballot according to the ward and school support shown on the voters’ list. Though back-up ballots will be on hand, ballot-on-demand will efficiently produce the correct ballot from amongst the 25 different ballot faces in use for the election. The success of ballot-on-demand will be closely monitored for potential use in future elections.

All ballot papers and the vote tabulators themselves will be secured throughout Advance Voting Week (as expanded). No vote results will be produced until the close of polls on Election Day, October 25, 2010.

If you are unsure of how to vote or what ID you need, here’s a few details. Check VaughanVotes.ca for more.

To vote, you will need your “Voter Information Card”, if you received one, in addition to acceptable identification. New regulations require identification.

  • Show one piece of ID with your name, address and signature, for example your Ontario Driver’s Licence.
  • OR, you can show two pieces of ID – the first with your name and signature, and the second with your name and Vaughan address. For example: A Canadian passport AND a Statement of Old Age Security.

For a full list of identification options, click here.

If you do not have any of the eligible identification you will be asked to swear an oath/take a declaration before being issued a ballot. Your Voter Information Card cannot be used as identification, however it will help speed you through the poll.

If you’ve made up your mind about who to vote for, why not go early and get it done.



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