What the heck does a trustee do?

5 Oct

This election, you cast votes for mayor, regional councillor and ward councillor.

What’s often forgotten is that you can also cast a vote for school trustee.

What exactly is a trustee? (Reporter Shawn Star asked candidates at the Ward 3 Meet and Greet)

Current school board trustee and candidate Anna DeBartolo says a trustee has three roles.

“Our main objective is to oversee the budget,” she said. “We have a responsibility to ensure the budget is managed properly, so that’s number 1.”

Then, a trustee also needs to account for policies and bylaws, as instructed by the provincial government. Finally, the trustee works in the community ensuring strong communication between parents and the schools.

“We have a responsibility to parents,” she says. “We’re almost like a liaison between school systems and parents. Then we have to navigate the system to deal with the issues so we can try to get them resolved.”

— from Vaughan Today, October issue

There’s more info about trustees here. And on VaughanVotes.ca.


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