Stop right there: York Regional Police chief isn’t endorsing anyone

6 Oct

The following press release came from the York Regional Police this afternoon. It’s rather curious. In a nutshell, some candidates for election in municipalities in York Region have been putting Police Chief Armand La Barge’s photo and quotes on their campaign literature without his consent. Don’t know if there’s any Vaughan hopefuls doing it, but just in case, here’s the statement from the chief:


York Regional Police Chief Armand La Barge is reminding municipal election candidates and members of the public that neither he, nor York Regional Police, is endorsing any candidate for this fall’s municipal election.

Chief La Barge is aware that some candidates have used his photo or previous remarks he has made at public events, as well as photos of other members of York Regional Police, in their election materials and on website pages.

“I want to ensure it is clear to both candidates and residents that while some candidates are currently distributing brochures and hand-outs that include my image or remarks or posting these items on their websites, it should not be assumed that I support any candidate,” Chief La Barge said. “I am not endorsing any candidate nor is York Regional Police.”

Citizens should be aware that in the days leading up to the October 25, 2010 election, York Regional Police and Chief La Barge will remain neutral and will decline any requests for endorsement made by candidates.

— sent from YRP Oct. 6



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    […] this week, York Regional Police chief Armand La Barge sent out a statement reminding residents he’s not endorsing anyone and nor is the police […]

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