Liberals to Fantino: we’ll defend our turf

14 Oct

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff dropped no hints last night as to who the Liberals might run to replace longtime  MP Maurizio Bevilacqua in Vaughan.


Liberal Open Mike event

(left to right) MP Joe Volpe; MP Ken Dryden, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, and Thornhill Liberal candidate Karen Mock at a Liberal Open Mike event in Toronto Oct. 13.


“I won’t say very much about Vaughan except our party was proud to represent Vaughan for many years,” said Ignatieff after Vaughan Today posed the question at a Liberal town hall meeting at a Toronto synagogue last night.

At the end of August, Bevilacqua stepped down as MP  in order to run for mayor of Vaughan. Earlier this week, former OPP commissioner Julian Fantino announced he would seek the Conservative nomination in the riding.

At the Liberal gathering, Ignatieff passed the question to Lawrence-Eglinton MP Joe Volpe, who said “anyone” would be better than Fantino. Ignatieff himself added: “Mr. Fantino has entered the race and he will face a very vigorous defence of our representation in Vaughan.”

A date has not yet been set for a by-election.

Meanwhile just north of there in Vaughan, Bevilacqua attended a meet and greet in Thornhill hosted by MPP Peter Shurman for Bevilacqua and Ward 5 candidate Gila Martow. (Martow said in an email today: “It was open to the public but only advertised to our email and Facebook lists.)

Shurman, former MP and councillor Susan Kadis and MP Peter Kent  also attended.

Kent said he’s honoured to be associated with Bevilacqua, but stopped short of “using the E word” (for endorsement).

“It feels arrogant,” he said. “Who am I to say who you should vote for?”

Kent said he is not endorsing any candidates in the Vaughan election (despite some reports to the contrary).

“I stand by everything I said in my media release regarding Maurizio’s resignation from Parliament. He’s a terrific, mature, level-headed guy.”

Kent said the meet and greet was attended by “quite a spectrum of people… (with) shared values and shared vision for the city.”

Candidates Joel Hertz, Elliott Frankl, Deb Schulte, Michael Di Biase and Joyce Frustaglio also attended.


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