A year later: Will you vote for change?

18 Oct

Do you remember this?

Last week, in contemplating Vaughan before the interview with Metro Morning, I remembered this series of articles Vaughan Today ran last year.

A chorus of Vaughan residents and then MPP Michael Prue called on then-minister of municipal affairs Jim Watson to step in and takeover Vaughan.

Watson responded with a resounding ‘no’, saying that was entirely outside the scope of his role as minister.

“There’s this sense that I can go in and basically take over Vaughan and act as mayor,” Watson told Vaughan Today last summer. “Well, I don’t have that authority and I suspect even if I did, I wouldn’t be riding on a white horse into Vaughan to take charge.”

(Watch the video of Watson here.)

After Prue started talking Vaughan at a ministry of municipal affairs meeting, Watson responded saying his ministry worked with the city and found it is fiscally sound.

Watson said if Vaughan residents are unhappy, they should take it up at the ballot box.

Watson called on Vaughan’s voters to make the changes they see fit at the ballot box next year.

“If the people are not satisfied with their elected representatives, they have an opportunity next fall to make choices as the democratic process lays out,” he said via his assistant Adam Grachnik. For more read: Vaughan Today’s article on the subject.

Thornhill MPP Peter Shurman at the time agreed with Watson. He said he conducted his own investigation into Vaughan’s city hall.

“If Vaughan has any problems at the senior level, they are political problems, and if people don’t like the politics of Vaughan they should elect new councillors, or a new mayor,” Shurman said last fall.

So, Vaughan voters: With just one week ’til Election Day, where do you stand? Will you vote for change? Will you give Vaughan’s current council another chance? Will you vote at all?



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