Update: You wanna know #1: A hero in Vaughan?

20 Oct

With Election Day fast approaching, we want to try to answer some of your burning questions. (And if you’ve got one, get in touch! news@vaughantoday.ca or comment below)

So here we go.

Many people have asked: Why do Rob Mileto’s campaign signs say “A Hero For Vaughan”.

(The question burned on Twitter, and in the blogosphere, and on Google searches – we know this because it shows up in our blog stats – and even in person, too)

Well, back at the Ward 3 Meet and Greet, Joshua Freeman (or @Josh_F) caught up with Mileto and asked him just that: Why do your signs say “A Hero For Vaughan”?

Mileto said he’s a hero because he’s rescued about a dozen people from dangerous vehicles in Vaughan through his job as tow truck driver.

(Ed. note: This was in the Toronto Sun Oct. 21 )

Now you know.

Mileto website grab

Mileto website grab


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