You wanna know #3: Isn’t the hospital a provincial thing? (McGuinty mum on Vaughan hospital commitment)

21 Oct


Dalton McGuinty

Dalton McGuinty


We’ve heard lots of campaigning about Vaughan’s hospital. Josh Freeman bumped into Premier Dalton McGuinty yesterday, and, since its the province that’s ultimately in charge, he thought he’d ask him: Dalton, where’s our hospital?

McGuinty said the province will build 18 new hospital in the coming years, but that he’s not sure ‘where Vaughan fits’ in the plan.

McGuinty made the comments after touring a new ‘Family Health Team’ facility in North York this morning. After the tour he stopped to make a statement about the government’s health care achievements over the last few years and to take questions from reporters.

“I’m not sure off the top of my head where Vaughan fits in,” McGuinty said after Vaughan Today asked if the city was included on the list. “What I can say is that we’re proud of the continuing investments we make in improving care in Ontario.”

So far the provincial government has committed $7 million towards preliminary design plans for the project, but has not committed to funding construction of the building. (Ed. Note: It’s complicated stuff. A city is responsible for buying the land for its hospital, 10 percent of construction and 100 percent of furnishings, equipment and fixtures. The province funds the rest. Learn more here.)

Creating a new hospital in Vaughan has been identified by most council candidates as a key priority moving forward in the city. (We’ve heard some candidates are campaigning on the fact shovels will be in the ground next term.)

McGuinty added the government has increased hospital funding by close to 50 percent since 2003 and that there will be a long-term capital plan in the province, but said he couldn’t speak to a Vaughan hospital.


Note: At the mayoral debate on Monday, Mayor Linda Jackson gave a breakdown of what’s happened with the hospital so far.

Now you know.


One Response to “You wanna know #3: Isn’t the hospital a provincial thing? (McGuinty mum on Vaughan hospital commitment)”

  1. Illya Marchak October 22, 2010 at 2:17 PM #

    While I think that a hospital in Vaughan is something that should have happened a long time ago, I also know it’s ultra vires of the municipal authorities. So it’s nice to see candidates who are or have been involved with the hospital project, but I think that campaigning on a promise to build a hospital is just false advertising and a promise nobody on the municipal level of government is able to keep. It’s not that I think that the municipal candidates are incapable of doing so, all I’m saying is that it falls outside of their scope of responsibilites and bringing healthcare into a municipal election debate can confuse the voters, and spark needless debates.

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