What’s in a name: Do endorsements matter?

26 Nov

While the Liberals and Conservatives have been hauling out their party ranks to join the scrap in Vaughan over the last few weeks (everyone from Senator Art Eggleton to Laureen Harper have visited), the volume has been cranked up on the endorsements lately.

Trudeau on Vaughan

Justin Trudeau attacks Fantino on the charter

Yesterday Justin Trudeau took to YouTube to criticize Fantino for comments he’s made about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Sporting a Movember ‘stache, Trudeau told viewers that while Fantino doesn’t care about individual rights, “Tony Genco will always, always defend the charter and your rights as Canadians.”

Don Cherry on Vaughan

Don Cherry endorses Fantino

The message follows an automated telephone call put out by the Conservatives recently featuring a Fantino endorsement by hockey icon Don Cherry. In the message, Cherry tells listeners Fantino is “honest, experienced and he’s always there for the little guy.”

Vaughan Fire Fighters recently jumped on side with Fantino as well, while Local 353 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has endorsed Genco.

Judging by all the hits on YouTube, there seems to be interest in these endorsements. So what do you think? Do endorsements by celebrities or anyone else matter? Do they affect your vote? Do you care?  Comment away!

(If not, what will you base your vote on?)



2 Responses to “What’s in a name: Do endorsements matter?”

  1. Karolyn November 29, 2010 at 1:07 AM #

    If the Toronto mayoral race is any indication, my answer would be no, endorsements don’t matter. Not really, anyway. George Smitherman was backed by some heavy hitters (including Senator Art Eggleton and Justin Trudeau) and T.O. voters still put Rob Ford in the mayoral seat. It’s unlikely voters were revolting against those endorsements, I think it just didn’t factor into their decision at the ballot box.
    Don’t know who Don Cherry supported for T.O. mayor, mind you. Though I could make an educated guess…


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