Iggy: Election proves Libs are only alternative

30 Nov

Ignatieff at a Liberal town hall in October

Despite a loss  in Vaughan last night, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff released a statement today on the party website saying the results prove the Liberal Party is the only alternative to the Conservatives.

“These by-elections show the clearest sign yet that in the battle to defeat the Harper Conservatives, there is only one alternative party that can deliver change – the Liberal Party of Canada,” Ignatieff said in the statement.

“I want to commend Tony Genco for putting up a formidable fight and turning a coronation into a tight race between Liberals and Conservatives … Tony and his team proved that a campaign that respects local democracy and puts the voters of Vaughan first can go head to head with Stephen Harper’s politics of cynicism.”

Although the riding slipped through the Liberals’ fingers by 997 votes, they did deliver on a promise Ignatieff made at a Liberal town hall meeting several weeks ago. Then, he told the crowd the Liberals would vigorously defend their turf. Throughout the night the race remained too close to call. Genco himself only conceded the loss around 10 a.m. this morning.



One Response to “Iggy: Election proves Libs are only alternative”

  1. Gary Douglas November 30, 2010 at 10:42 PM #

    Iggy, you have it all wrong. Your analysis is incorrect. I live in Vaughan. Everything was thrown at Fantino and he still outlasted Genco. Caledonia (liberal jurisdiction), sock-gagging, not attending Vaughan Citizen debate, and still winning in a Liberal dominated territory. 22 years Liberals ruled Vaughan. Trudeau, Sorbaro, Dryden et al could not save them.
    Give the citizens of Vaughan some credit. They didn’t get played this time around. Iggy wants you to believe the grass can be greener. Unemployment, and a stalled economy is a global issue. Well, my memory is alot longer than his. There has been a world wide global recession that paralyzed credit and forced businesses to shut down. In the US things are worse. But politics is a game, but Iggy’s just making the rules as they go.

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