If I only had a sign

29 Mar

Mario Ferri, left, and Julian Fantino

Call me the first to get with the program. You might even call me a seer, or at least someone attuned to the times — just before they arrive. (Just don’t robo-call me.)

I went out last night looking for some signs that might indicate the onset of an election campaign somewhere in the Vaughan area.

I found them. In my own garage.

They are lawn signs. Two of them: one decked out in Conservative blue, the other in Liberal red. The blue one, as you might expect, proclaims Julian Fantino as Vaughan’s best voice in Ottawa, while the red one calls for a vote for Mario Ferri.

A little early for lawn signs, you say? Actually, they’re left over from earlier campaigns: the Fantino sign from the Nov. 29 byelection in which he defeated Tony Genco, and the Ferri sign from the Oct. 25 municipal election in which he ran unsuccessfully for regional council.

I remember how I came to have those election signs on my lawn. You say yes or no to those requests for all the timeless/momentary, philosophical/impulsive and traditional/temporal reasons you vote the way you do. I just can’t remember now the reasons for not giving them back at the end of the respective campaigns.

I was a free agent back then, so considered myself free to participate or otherwise indulge in a political event however I saw fit. That changed when I came onboard at Vaughan Today. Now, instead of getting to enjoy having the corner on repurposed election signs, I have to wait for the neighbours to catch up, and then take pictures of theirs.

By the way, in case it matters still, I have two slightly used election signs ready for pickup.

— DH


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