Signs of disarray

5 Apr

Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain, and not Norbert Koehl, is believed to be running for the Green Party in Vaughan.

Leave it to the Greens to mess with form. People like me, who have an inexplicable soft spot for the Green Party in spite of their best efforts to dissuade us, are tempted to spin their constant state of disarray as “thinking outside the box”. The evidence suggests, however, that the frustrated fan base wants victory more than does the party itself.

Norbert Koehl’s election signs at the corner of Jane and Rutherford were on the ground this morning. I don’t know if it was the work of an angry god, or merely someone in Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain’s camp thinking better of posting signs that promote someone else as the party candidate in a riding in which she is to run.

I suspect the latter, even  for a brand that appears to value party over personality, and percentages gained over actual seats, election to election. I only suspect these things; I don’t really know, because making contact is easier said than done.

On Monday I received an email response from Rachael Lave, who identifed herself as Rodriguez-Larrain’s campaign assistant. She told me that Rodriguez-Larrain is indeed running, but did not mention the signs proclaiming Koehl as the Green Party candidate. The email went to my personal account; ignored was a request to be contacted at Vaughan Today. Furnished were a phone number (unattended and without voice mail when I called), a Twitter handle and a website URL (which won’t be active until Friday). And in case anyone’s counting, the link to the Green Party Association of Vaughan website was also a dud.

Just to be clear, the soft spot for the Green Party doesn’t extend all the way to love,  so I stop short of allowing myself to indulge in irrational hope. But even if it is just once, I’d like to see the party demonstrate that it takes the election process as seriously as do its faithful followers.

— Dan Hoddinott


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