Here are your candidates for the York Catholic District School Board trustee spots, with contact info as it appears on VaughanVotes.ca. More to follow.

Area 1 (That’s Ward 1)

Teresa Ciaravella, 905.832.4562, mtcc36@Yahoo.ca

Gino DeBuono, 416-709-0003, Gino@debuono.comwww.debuono.com

Area 2 (That’s Ward 2)

Dino Guiliani, 905.893.3300, 416.779.5575, DGiuliani@Rogers.com

Susan Michelini, 905.265.7791, 647.267.1165, SusanMic@Rogers.com

Area 3 (That’s Ward 3)

Due to the passing of Michele Carnovale, candidate for School Trustee, YCDSB Area 3, the election for the office of School Trustee YCDSB Area 3 is void under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. Votes for this office on the Ward 3 English Language Separate School Ballot will not be counted.
A by-election will be held in the near future. (Notice posted on Vaughan Votes)

Area 4 (That’s Ward 4 and 5)

Davis Katukaran, 905.731.5681, Email:DavisKatukaran@hotmail.comwww.davis4trustee.ca

Cathy Ferlisi, 416.565.7087, Cathy@Ferlisi.cawww.ferlisi.ca

Victor Schiralli, 416.524.9169, Victor@vsquare.ca


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